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Maps for German Genealogy


Maps of Surnames in Germany using Telephone Listings

In German genealogical research one of the most difficult problems to solve is finding the village of origin of an immigrant. One easy place to start is to look at the distribution of the surname in Germany today. Even after hundreds of years of internal migrations, many surnames (especially the less frequent ones) are either limited to a small area, or are most numerous in their place of origin.

To produce maps from phone listings I created a program which can map the German phone listings.  This provides a quick and easy way to start your search for your German roots.

Sample maps

Notes on surname search strategies


Surname Atlas of Germany

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New - a reprinted 1759 Map of Germany

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Click here to see an animated gif file of the implosion of the PennDOT building in Harisburg, PA. This building was located next door to the Pennsylvania State Archives (an excellent genealogical resource), which can be seen after the PennDOT building is gone...

PennDOT Implosion

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