Map of Germany
in 1759

(This is a low resolution scan to show the coverage of the map)

(Higher resolution scan to show level of detail on map)

    This map has been reprinted from an original in my possession.  It was originally published in January 1759 in the Gentleman's Magazine in London.  The original map was titled "A Compleat Map of Germany comprehending in one view the different seats of the present war 1759".

    The map covers most of central Europe, from the southern end of Schlesweg-Holstein (then part of Denmark) on the north, Paris on the west, parts of Hungary, Moravia and Poland on the east, and Milan, Italy on the south.  The map shows the larger towns, and the major rivers, as well as the different regions (then separate countries) that constituted what, to English-speaking world, constituted "Germany" (Germany as we know it today did not become a single country until 1871).

    The map is printed on heavy weight acid-free paper.  It is shipped rolled in a very sturdy mailing tube.  It is 16 by 20 inches and fits into a standard sized picture frame.  A great map for reference - the 18th century regions are labeled as can be seen in the detail above.  It also shows the entire Rhine River from its source to its mouth beyond Rotterdam where the vast majority of the 18th century immigrants to America departed on their trans-Atlantic crossing.

    The map is available for $10.00, plus $4.00 for postage.  Mail requests for the map, with check or money order (US Dollars only) to:

                                    McCrea Research, Inc.
                                    20 Terrace Avenue
                                    Stevens, PA 17578


    You can use PayPal to pay with a credit card over the Internet (if you live in the USA).

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