1940 Census
Lebanon County, Pennsylvania


The 1940 federal census of the United States is being released for the first time on Monday April 2, 2012 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time.  At that time, the census will be available in digital form direct from the National Archives web site.  The bad news is that there is no index right now to the approximately 3,900,000 images.  This census will eventually be indexed by Ancestry.com and possibly by other subscription genealogy web sites.  There is also a program underway that will create a free index through the LDS Church and their FamilySearch.org web site.  Click here to sign up to help create this index.

Until indexing is available for the 1940 census, the way to find people in the 1940 census will be to determine the "Enumeration District" (ED) of the place where your ancestors lived and view the images for that ED.  This page is designed to help you identify the enumeration district number(s) for Lancaster County municipalities.

Click here for large map showing ED's in Townships (useful if you need to search adjoining areas).  For all municipalities, see the table below.

Table of Enumeration Districts

Click on Municipality name for ED map (on NARA web site).  Most boroughs are shown with the adjoining township, as listed in the table below.

When the census images become available online, you will be able to click on the ED numbers to go directly to the online images.

(Click for Map)

Enumeration Districts

Lebanon City

38-14A, 38-14B, 38-15, 38-16, 38-17, 38-18, 38-19, 38-20,
38-21, 38-22, 38-23, 38-24, 38-25, 38-26, 38-27, 38-28,
38-29, 38-30, 38-31, 38-32, 38-33, 38-34

Cleona Borough
(see North Lebanon Township)


Cornwall Borough


Jonestown Borough
(see Swatara Township)


Lebanon Independent Borough
(see North Lebanon Township)

Mt. Gretna Borough
(see South Londonderry Township)


Myerstown Borough

38-38, 38-39

Palmyra Borough

38-45, 38-46, 38-47, 38-48
Richland Borough
(see Millcreek Township)
Annville Township 38-1, 38-2

Bethel Township

38-3, 38-4
Cold Spring Township 38-6
East Hanover Township 38-8

Heidelberg Township

38-9, 38-10

Jackson Township

38-11, 38-12

Millcreek Township

North Annville Township 38-40

North Cornwall Township


North Lebanon Township

38-42, 38-43

North Londonderry Township

South Annville Township 38-50

South Lebanon Township

38-51, 38-52

South Londonderry Township


Swatara Township 38-54

Union Township


West Cornwall Township 38-56
West Lebanon Township 38-57

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