Pennsylvania Land Applications
Volume I: East Side Applications, 1765-1769

This site is intended for owners and readers of the book Pennsylvania Land Applications, Volume I: East Side Applications, 1765-1769. It includes some late discoveries of documents related to the East Side Applications that were found too late to be included in the book.

Additional Discoveries about the East Side Applications

Some additional documents have been discovered that relate to the East Side Applications. That information is given here.

Information Exchange

This section of the web site is for people that have found their ancestors and other relatives in the book. They can add a few comments and details on their relatives and provide an address where other researchers can contact them to exchange information.


Any errors and/or corrections that are discovered will be posted here. This includes the correct spellings for names mentioned in the book (many documents had a phonetic spelling for names).


Program to find Daitch-Mokotoff Codes for Surnames

This is a free program for owners and users of the book. It is small, 57 Kb. It will run under Windows 98 and later versions of Windows. (Sorry, I don't have the ability to create a MAC version.) Click on the link above to download the file. When your browser asks what you want to do with the file, tell it to save the file. Then save the file to the folder C:\Windows\Desktop. An icon will then appear on your desktop. Double click the icon to run the program.

Contact the author
Kenneth D. McCrea, Ph. D.

Please note that I will try to answer any reasonable questions about the book. I will NOT do look-ups in the book for those of you not willing to purchase the book or go to a library or historical society that has the book (no response will be given to these requests).


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