Electronic Map Order Form

Using PayPal's FREE Credit Card Payment Service

E-mail Map Ordering:

Using this e-mail order method is quicker than the Post Office, and has a major advantage.  When you mail me a check with a written request I sometimes find problems with the order, such as when the requested surname is not found in Germany.  This e-mail order method will allow me to verify that I can prepare your order, and I will then e-mail you to notify you of the cost.  You can then use PayPal to pay using your credit card.  Just follow the simple steps below.

1) Address an e-mail to me at ken@germannames.com (clicking here should start your
    e-mail program).

2) For each surname, cut and paste the following block of text into the message section
    of the e-mail.  Then type the information on what maps you want into the e-mail.
    Paste in additional copies of this text into the message to order maps for more than
    one surname.  (To cut & paste - select the text between the lines below with your
    mouse, hit ctrl-c to copy, then click into the body of the e-mail and hit ctrl-v to paste.
    Hit ctrl-v again to paste more copies into the e-mail.)


     Known spelling variations:

     (If you want maps of more spellings, use a separate section for each one)

     Pick ONE:   _____Exact spelling only   _____Most Common Variation

     Pick ONE:   _____Map of state with highest count for surname
                        _____Map of specific state(s)    Which state(s):

     Do you want a Zipcode list for the state map? [Yes / No]:

3) Add the following information to the e-mail (for maps by mail):

      Your name:
      Street address:
      City, State, Zipcode:
      Your e-mail address:

4) Send the e-mail message to me.  When I get it, I will e-mail you back the cost, and
    any questions about the order.  You can pay using PayPal.  When I receive the credit,
    I will mail your maps to you.  Just like the mail-in order form, the maps or zipcode
    lists are $1. each.  Rather than your sending me a SASE, I will add $0.50 to the order
    for postage and handling.   If you want the maps returned as .pdf files via email, you
    can the save the $0.50 postage.  Just tell me in the email that you want the maps as .pdf

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