Sample Maps from the
GermanNames Program

Distribution of the HOMBACH family in Germany:

This family is located on the border between North Rhine-Westphalia (53% of listings) and the Rhineland-Palatinate (26% of listings). This is a good example where there are a large number of listings in a two-digit zip code area that cross state boundaries. The 51... zipcode area includes both states, but the center of that area is in North Rhine-Westphalia, causing the overall map of Germany to appear as if there are few listings in the Rhineland-Palatinate. However, the two individual state maps clearly show that the main area with this family is on both sides of their border.

The HOMBACH family in North Rhine-Westphalia:

The HOMBACH family in the Rhineland-Palatinate:

Germany has seen many changes in the boundaries of the states. Over the years, there have been many states other than the current set of thirteen states and three cities of Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg. The distribution of surnames would not be expected to be influenced much by current state boundaries due to the many changes that have occurred in the past.

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