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The following are several surnames with interesting geographic patterns. A wide variety of factors can influence the current distribution of a surname. The amount of time that the surname has been in Germany, internal migrations, emmigration, and multiple points of origin are just some of the factors that can help produce the current patterns. Each of the maps has some additional information or simply speculation of the possible origin of that dispersal pattern. Since each family has had a different history, the suggested cause for the pattern may or not be correct for that particular family. They are provided just as examples of some of the types of maps that I have found while using this software. If any of these are your ancestral surnames and you have more details of the history of that family, let me know and I will add it to the discussion of these families. KM

A highly localized name: A moderately frequent name with a major concentration in one area: A very frequent name with no localization: A spelling variant of SCHMIDT that is regional: A name that may have come over the border from Holland: Other fairly well localized names:
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